Tungsten Radiation Shielding

Tungsten Radiation Shielding Picture

Tungsten radiation shielding is a flexible heat-resistant shielding made of tungsten and iron metal powder immersed in a silicone polymer. Lead blankets have been the backbone of shielding applications for years but, in comparison, is a less effective and efficient shielding choice. Due to the ability to place the maximum amount of weight between the source and the worker, the new generation tungsten shielding has proven to be up to twice as effective as lead in lowering exposure rates.

Designed in custom shapes, tungsten radiation shielding has the ability to field-fit, providing for attenuation of radiation totaling from 5 to 10 person-Rem/year than provided by the equivalent weight of traditional lead blanket. Additionally, the tungsten shield weighs 25 to 50 percent less than lead while removing the accompanying toxicity hazard and mixed waste processing costs.

Tungsten alloys is a best choices for radiation shielding applications, in both medical and industrial settings. Compared to traditional radiation shielding materials, tungsten radiation shielding provides excellent value. A high-density alloy can provide the same energy absorption as lead using 1/3 less material. People are taking advantage of tungsten alloy's reliable radiation shielding properties.

Tungsten radiation shielding gives you best protection from the harmful radiation. Meet to the AMS 21014 and ASTM B777 material standard.