Tungsten Radiation Shielding In Medicine

Tungsten Radiation Shielding Picture

Tungsten radiation shielding is widely used in medicine. As medical science developing so repaid, there is more and more radiation in our life, which has become a new trouble, such as X-ray radiation, gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation), radiation of alpha particles (helium atoms) beta particles (electrons) and cosmic radiation, etc.
In order to protect patients and other people safe from harmful effects of ionizing radiation, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, etc. One type of excellent radiation-absorbing medium is badly needed. Tungsten radiation shielding is usually used for shielding X-ray in medicine.

X-Ray shielding
X-rays are an important part of medical technology and are indispensable tool for monitoring and diagnosing medical conditions. We use tungsten to produce X-Ray shielded products ranging from tungsten syringe shielding, shipping containers, laboratory accessories. Mobile X-ray barrier can be mounted on wheels and moved around easily. This is used extensively in medical industry. Patient is exposed to controlled intensity X-ray for some time while the doctor stays behind a curtain. This safety measure is taken as doctor will do the producer on many patients. Regular exposure to X-Ray is dangerous to health. Tungsten containers are available now a days for shielding instruments form x-rays. Every thing in X-Ray room is X-Ray shielded. Tungsten radiation shielding for syringe is available in the market.
Cancer treatment
Tungsten heavy alloys are usually used for the machine needs intensity modulated radiation, which could protect healthy skin tissue during cancer treatment. It could be helpful to save lives through eliminating cancerous cells and protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.